• hung.dangthe (at)
  • PhD. in Physics
  • Research: I am interested in strongly correlated systems and materials, in particular, the Hubbard model, multiorbital systems, transition metal oxides and impurity systems, using dynamical mean-field theory in combination with Quantum Monte Carlo simulation, density functional theory and other computational methods for many-body problems.
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  • lam.phamtien (at)
  • PhD. in Materials Science
  • Research: the increasing volume of available experimental and quantum- computational material databases, together with the development of machine learning techniques, has provided new opportunities for developing techniques that help researchers accelerate the discovery and comprehension of new materials and phenomena. My research interest is to develop machine learning methods for materials science: machine learning models to represent potential energy surfaces, to learn structure-property relationship, to discover hidden correlations and patterns in materials dataset, to build deep generative models for predicting new materials, etc.
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  • hoa.nghiemthiminh (at)
  • PhD. in Physics
  • Research: I am interested in strongly correlated systems out of equilibrium, in particular, Kondo impurity system in response to a quench: the transient dynamics and the non-equilibrium steady-state using the time-dependent numerical renormalization group method. I am also interested in the theory of time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and the non-equilibrium dynamical mean field theory. The other part of my research is using Mie theory of light scattering on micro spheres to modify optical constants of metamaterials for specified purposes.
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